Why Lean & Green

On the Fast Track to Resource Efficiency

Growtth® Consulting Europe's Lean & Green methods combine Lean Management with sustainable environmental practices.

We help our clients and the companies in their supply chains design and implement sustainable processes that make the most of resources. Our unique combination of Lean methods, Green know-how and eco-friendly tech is remarkably effective at reducing all kinds of waste.

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The feedback during the audit provided much information. The expertise of the assessors, the procedure to show us our improvement potentials and the designed implementation roadmap were very professional and convincing.

Bühler Motor GmbH Dr. Uwe Bade, Manager Global Production System

We really liked the constructive and enriching conversations and discussions on-site. The type of communication is very pleasant.

Rohde & Schwarz Messgerätebau Jürgen Steigmüller, Managing Director

The assessment by qualified assessors provides a benchmark with Top companies. It follows a structured and methodically persuasive approach. The feedback gave us input for further development and helps to motivate employees.

Bosch Diesel s.r.o. Jihlava Reinhold Speiser, Division Manager Facility Functions FCM-Jh

Thanks to various suggestions for future developments we could define new steps and initiatives.

SEAT S.A. Steffen Reiche, Manager Plant Martorell

With over 20 years of implementation experience, we know how companies operate, how the processes are interrelated, and how impact-driven change can be achieved. Our consulting focuses on the operational anchoring of resource efficiency throughout the company and all along the supply chain—on the fly, without disrupting operations.

Drawing on a deep well of experience in lean management, corporate sustainability, and material and energy efficiency, our international team of experts helps clients to significantly reduce their costs while ensuring the effectiveness of sustainability strategies.

Innovative, Up to date, Collaborative

With many insights into international top companies, our consulting approaches are always based on latest best practice knowledge from a wide variety of industries. Customers benefit from our extensive network of sources and Lean & Green benchmarks.

Clients value our consultants' professionalism. Our experts' respectful, attentive attitude helps to cultivate collaborative working relationships that staff and managers at all levels appreciate.

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Lean & Green is an initiative of Growtth® Consulting Europe aimed to sustainably increase resource efficiency in all business processes. We have been improving companies' use of resources for more than 20 years. Our multinational team is staffed with full-time consultants who have a deep well of expertise in Lean Management, corporate sustainability and resource efficiency to draw on.

This mix of expertise, proven methods and people skills enables us to partner with customers and achieve remarkable results in a team effort. With the Lean & Green approach, Growtth® Consulting Europe, pursues a holistic goal in which people play the central role in process and organizational changes.