Lean & Green Summit

Final event at Porsche Leipzig

The 10th Lean & Green Summit will take place at Porsche Leipzig GmbH on October 20th, 2022

The motto – learning with and from the best – will set the tone for the event. Lean & Green Award winners will give valuable insights into their success stories.

An exclusive factory tour will show best practices in action. Participants will experience how Porsche Leipzig succeeds in achieving the highest level of excellence in Lean & Green.

Participation for up to 4 people is free of charge for all companies participating in the entire Award 2022.

Are you interested in participation? Send us a message!

Tel.: +49 891259847-0
E-Mail: award@lean-and-green.de 

The event will start in the early afternoon of 20th October 2022 and end at 21:00h.

Award ceremony with plant tour

During the factory tour, participants will learn in a practical way how lean management approaches can be linked smartly with green aspects and Industry 4.0 applications. With exciting presentations, experiences on the topic of resource efficiency will be exchanged.

When it comes to the topics of lean management, resource efficiency and digitalization, the Porsche plant has achieved an absolutely excellent level. Lean & Green is being consistently advanced as part of holistic resource efficiency and expanded as a long-term competitive advantage.

After the tour, the most successful approaches for increasing resource efficiency will be awarded and presented. Thereby, the winners of the Lean & Green Management Awards 2022 will give exciting & exclusive insights into their success stories and provide practical inspirations.
Afterwards, there will be plenty of opportunities for direct exchange and networking.

Details can be seen in the agenda or feel free to contact us!