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Since 2009 reports and articles are published about Lean & Green and the Lean & Green Management Award.


studies and surveys
studies and surveys

Our Book

Lean & Green: Best Practice

How to improve your business' resource efficiency

Daniel Reichert, Claudio Cito, Ivan Barjasic

Summary: The book presents best practice from European top companies that took part in the Lean & Green Management Award. It provides exclusive insights in how to interconnect Lean Management approaches with environmental and sustainability aspects. The aim is to transform sustainable strategies into effective operations.

- The book is available in German only -

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Lean & Green in studies and surveys

Evaluation of sustainability competitions

Dr. Beate Gebhardt & Ines Kefer

UNIVERSITY OF HOHENHEIM - Institute of Agricultural Policy and Market Economics Department of Agricultural Markets and Agricultural Marketing

Summary: Multi-stage empirical study on corporate sustainability assessment in sustainability competitions in Germany in summer 2018. The Lean & Green Management Award is rated as one of the best sustainability awards. - This study is available in German only — You can download a free short version here.


Lean & Green Study

Daniel Reichert, Nina Blöhs / Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Bräutigam, Markus Dürr

Growtth® Consulting Europe GmbH / FH Würzburg Schweinfurt (FHWS)

Summary: The study examines which connections exist between Lean & Green and how successful companies distinguish from others. The focus is on the question of how lean management and digitalization can comprehensively and sustainably increase the resource efficiency of companies. Please contact us for a free copy