Lean & Green Journey

Network with TOP-companies

The law of life has become the law of industry: Learn and adapt, or be left behind. This is why best practice and knowledge sharing is so important.

The Lean & Green journey is here to encourage this exchange among companies and industries to give insight into the best practices and innovations from the most innovative companies in Europe. The main question is how Lean Management and digitalization can help to sustainably increase resource efficiency of enterprises.
The partner of the Lean & Green Journey 2019 were: Continental Regensburg, Siemens Erlangen, VW Wolfsburg, Growtth Consulting.

The Lean & Green Journey

The Lean & Green Journey connects leading companies that have reached highest level in regards to lean management and resource efficiency, to exchange and share expertise. At each plant of the partner companies, the participants give valuable insights which applications are up and running effectively and where to find the keys that unlock the door to digital and ecological transformation. In a competition as complex as tomorrow's industrial manufacturing, it will take more than just a good mind for business to rise to future challenges. Companies need to get a firm grasp on digitalization, lean management and resource efficiency, and learn to combine those three highly important business aspects.

What makes the journey so special is the limited number of participants and the focus on Lean as well as Green topics. This allows a direct and intensive exchange how to implement innovative solutions and how to develop a closer link between Lean & Green in the industry. 
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