Lean & Green consulting approaches

With 5 Modules to a Resource-Efficient Company

Our approach to consulting is standardized and modular. Its merits have been proven countless times over the years in real-world projects. This is why we are able to get your company off to a fast, risk-free start and on the road to resource-efficient manufacturing. Based on best practice knowledge our Lean & Green methods enable new approaches to improving processes, boosting motivation and engaging the workforce.

With Lean & Green towards a resource efficient company
With Lean & Green towards a resource efficient company

Lean & Green Check

With our Lean & Green check you will receive a comprehensive maturity evaluation of all your main processes regarding resource efficiency. The assessment will help you to identify next improvement steps and to get best practice input. The practical feedback allows the direct start of improvement measures. The results can be used to compare individual production sites or support the evaluation and development of suppliers.

Green Strategy Design

Many sustainability strategies are weakly anchored in operational processes and are often limited to reporting of key figures.We work with you to develop effective strategies that are deeply rooted in daily processes and ensure acceptance within your employees.

With our best-practice knowledge we will show you the key areas of action and design a suitable "roadmap" for you. Become a leader in resource efficiency and capitalize on the opportunities of new business models.

Energy Management

There are many energy saving potentials which are directly influencing the profitability and improving the environmental performance of businesses. With our optimized energy value stream method you get transparency about energy losses and the biggest improvement levers. By combining process and energy expertise, we significantly reduce energy consumption with you and support you in the development of holistic energy management.

Material Efficiency

The share of material costs is by far the largest cost factor in the manufacturing industry and is directly linked to the issue of resource efficiency. Our Lean & Green Flow Analysis helps you to identify non-value added aspects of your material flow and evaluates the hidden costs of material losses. The close linkage of Lean Management methods with resource efficiency approaches enables an efficient and structured implementation of measures to improve your material efficiency.

Effectiveness of Machines

The effective use of machinery and equipment saves resources, ensures quality and reduces costs. Depending on the industry, up to 40 percent of the costs in the company are directly influenced by the maintenance. Through our Lean & Green Maintenance approach we help you to quickly identify the most important potentials and approaches for an effective use of your machinery and the efficient use of resources. An improved maintenance system significantly reduces the direct and indirect maintenance costs.