Lean & Green Best Practice

Learn with and from the Best

The law of life has become the law of industry: Learn and adapt, or be left behind. This is why best practice and knowledge sharing is so important. Now more than ever, the success or failure of an industrial venture hinges on its ability to master the challenges of digitalization, resource efficiency and Lean Management.

Lean & Green is here to encourage this exchange among companies and industries to give insight into the best practices and innovations from the most innovative companies in Europe. The main question is how Lean Management and digitalization can help to sustainably increase resource efficiency of enterprises.

The intensive as well as informative and open insight was very important for me [...]. It gave us the confirmation of steps already taken, as well as suggestions for future planning in our own company.

Gr├╝nbeck Wasseraufbereitung GmbH Dr. Peter Stolz, Head of Quality Management

The most important thing for me was to find out on which topics this year's winners of the Lean & Green Award focus and how they were implemented in the company.

MAN Truck & Bus Dr. Gerald Pachur, Manager Produktionssystems

Lean & Green Network with Award Winners

Small firms, medium-sized companies and large corporations alike need to know which applications are up and running effectively and where to find the keys that unlock the door to digital transformation. In a competition as complex as tomorrow's industrial manufacturing, it will take more than just a good mind for business to rise to future challenges. Companies need to get a firm grasp on digitalization, Lean Management and resource efficiency, and learn to combine the three to the best business effect.

The Lean & Green Summit at award winning factories

The participants of the Lean & Green Summit benefit from exciting insights into success formulas and can exchange experiences with other industries. Exclusive factory tours, interesting presentations and thematic workshops provide hands-on approaches and ideas regarding the topics of lean management, digitization and resource efficiency.