Goal and Focus

Honoring the Best in Resource Management

The Lean & Green Management Award recognizes the most successful approaches to improving resource efficiency in the industry.

Over 250 companies from more than 10 countries and 20 industries participated in the Best Practice Exchange and the Award.

Lean & Green stands for the future. Therefore we are proud to have won this award.

BMW Group Dr. Nedeljkovic, former plant manager munich

The Lean & Green Award confirms our current good results but, at the same time, brings us opportunities to improve our future developments in processes and products also in terms of eco-sustainability. The key factors of success are the thorough involvement of our employees and the daily nurture of Kaizen culture towards excellence.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Carlo Materazzo, Head of World Class Manufacturing

With the award we are now able to show our customers that we are among the bests in comparisons to our competitors. In addition we were able to identify some important aspects for improvement which were shown in the feedback. We already included them in our improvement program.

Bühler Motor GmbH Harald Krug, Plant Manager

From the feedback we identified immediately improvement potential. These are already in implementation. It’s absolute worth to join the Lean & Green Award evaluation.

Kaercher Cleaning Technology (Changshu) Co. Ltd. Dr. Jiqing Liu, KTC General Manager

We are particularly proud of this industry-recognized award because the Lean & Green Management Award gives companies a holistic view and evaluation. We are also convinced that continuous progress in both process efficiency and sustainability can only be achieved if the entire workforce is involved and these goals are pursued across the board.

Continental Regensburg Thomas Ebenhöch, Site and Plant Manager

Knowledge transfer across industries and exchange with top companies are crucial success factors. The Lean & Green Management Award recognizes the most successful approaches in the field of Lean Management and resource efficiency and has set itself the task of making the results accessible to interested companies. The focus is on the question of how to continue reducing all kinds of waste within the organization.

In 2018 the Excellence Award was rated as one of the best sustainability awards by an independent study of the University of Hohenheim.

How this Competition Works:

Phase 1 – See what the questionnaire brings to light

Candidates start by taking part in a data survey. They filled out a questionnaire between February and May 2019.

Phase 1 goals and benefits for candidates:

  • Participating companies assess their operations using a questionnaire; many report that they already gained insights and inspiration simply by filling out the form
  • The company's status is assessed based on the questionnaire and its performance benchmarked against comparable candidates of the Lean & Green Award

Phase 2 – Experts share feedback on site and pick the winners

Our Lean & Green specialists spend a day between March and September 2019 on-site assessing the top performers. An independent jury of experts evaluated the results and selected the winners in Autumn 2019.

Phase 2 goals and benefits for candidates:

  • Exposure to cross-industry knowledge and best practices
  • In-depth expert feedback on leadership, management systems and operational processes
  • Lean & Green Award candidates are benchmarked based on site visit reports
  • Preparing for and taking part in the competition motivates and inspires staff
  • Possibility to be awarded as a resource-efficient company and receive external attention through accompanying reports and reports

The Lean & Green Summit - Awards Ceremony and Best-Practice Forum

The awards ceremony is part of the Lean & Green Summit, held at a previous award winner's location. In November 2019 it took place at the Continental plant in Regensburg (Germany).

After the Award

  • Optional: Candidates have the possibility to further improve Lean & Green maturity in their company.


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